Get laid with Jasmine

Wanna understand exactly what it perceives like to become Aladdin? Not when he was skimpy or even when he found a magic lamp, but if he was laid with princess Jamine? Yes. This game is all about a guy seducing a celebrity! To begin with you will need to find some romantic place. Well, this section is already done actually. Then it’s possible to try to touch Jasmine here and this where the gameplay commences. But be carefull since she’s not a street hooker! You will need to pay attention to her likes or dislikes. Do things right and she will reward you – you will see that her boobies are much biggere than you can remember form a cartoon… and may be she will let you into her magic cavern tonight! Hentai game that gives you an oportunity to seduce not other than Disney princess Jasmine! Play now »