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Yoko Littner (out of renowned anime series”Gurren Lagann”) is not just ginger-haired and hotty but also an extremely whorish looking chick. No wonder thes etwo prevs obtained their draping dicks busy again when she let them to touch her. Only she believed that she’s seeing doctor and all of this touching is stringently connected to maintaining her healthy although the real things turned a little bit different. One old perv (who is a doc actually) only used such chance and known as a helper (who does not even resembles therapist’s assistant! Come on, Yoko!) And they started touching all of her erogenic zones they could just locate. At some stage it worked and they got what they desired… less or more. You may have some issues with knowing the stoy because all texts are in japanese but you still ought to try that game – pictures here are very colorfullentertaining, jokey, and sometimes even revived! Play now »

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