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In this interactive game you will learn the story of a youthfull assistant and an old fat CEO. Therefore, the CEO of the oil company’s advertising works on the floor. He had some joy. He calls the youthfull secretary. This is a beautiful and succulent black-haired who loves to wear stockings and a short miniskirt. CEO wants some love and invites the assistant to have intercourse. She agrees and after a couple of minutes the CEO is fucking the assistant in her pink cherry on a large office desk. And he presses her to the window and fucks in a cock-squeezing arse. A tasty dark haired screams in agony as a fat man rod rips her cock-squeezing culo in half. However, the CEO doesn’t pay attention to her screams and proceeds to fuck the doll again and again. To change game scenes, use the mouse and the menu . Let us embark the game instantly.

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