Semedain G Works Vol. 24

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Extra Milk Ch.1

Chi Chi is a busty and still gorgeous in appearance, a woman. If you believe Chi Chi's title refers to sexuality due to the "extra milk" referenced in the title, then you're correct! This comic mocks the concept of hentai. There is Chi Chi… Read Full »


One girl has both an elongated dick as well as tits. She was discovered by an acquaintance. Mmmm…fat dick draws the attention of a girl and she decides to suck it. They’re sexy. This can be even more exciting… A comic book for lesbians and fetanari… Read Full »

303e Vol.03

Sex game with busty beauties is an actual satisfaction for players. You can pick from a selection of hot ladies who prepare to provide you with a great deal of satisfaction. You can indulge in hot and explicit games with them, which will aid you have more… Read Full »