Family Reunion 4: Thursday – A Rising Star

“Family Reunion” is a series of adult videoquest games which tells you the story about some man who day has opene dteh doorway just to discover there ultra-cute lady claiming to be his daughter-in-law. Is she? Is this some kind of guilt? Can this part of the evil plan of someone? Well, you’ve got one week to show the truth… and it is thursday already! Game is story oriented so that you bette rplay all the former episodes prior to starting this one (you can see them at our website). One of yor frinds – Maria – has gathered some information about who might Mandy’s father functionwill you discover the time to test it? You have your life and your girlfrind Katie is not going to stay and witness as you spend so much time with some youthfull sweetheart that you know for just a three days! Play now »