Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.07)

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You are gong to the Cosplay Convention but looks as if you are not egtting in time, although. Your companion (very lovely looking chick from the way) is already waiting for you in the primary entrance doors. But who could understood that being late will save you both from being cursed by a evil witch? As this is precisely what has occurred! And now your team might have to explore the halls of conventiuon center to fight all the possesed (yet still alluring looking) cosplayers which will stand in your own way. During the fight you might damage their costumes… Other than you’ll meet several characters tahtw ailing need your help and will probably likely be ready assist you in comeback. Game combines uber-cute and sexy artstyle and adds to them turn based fights – you knwo you want to attempt it right now!

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