BJ Country 3

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The 3rd part of a joy vid game about the adventures of a youthfull photographer at a town where trampy chicks reside. Hence the protagonist reaches a crossroads. He goes to the first palace and sees a young brunette trying on new panties. She spots the dude and screams. However, the photographer asks the chick to peaceful down describing the goal of his trip. The woman learns to shoot several photographs, but under one condition. The protagonist must find her lip liner. She dropped it in a local club. The dude goes into the club where he discovers the object and gives it into the black-haired. Following that, the damsel takes off and shows the photographer her big watermelons with pink nips. The dude takes a couple of photos and leaves. Now you realize the rules of the game and should be guided by them in the passing of quests. Let’s start the joy at this time.

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