Sex Kitten: Maids

Being the beau of bitchy nekogirl called Slutty McSlut for a few of you might seem as true penalty… or the person and crazy adventure if there is a even just a bit of servant beau resides inside you! So quit pretending you have a choice and find out what can it be now Slutty McSlut needs from you. And you will be assisting her to find a real job because recently she got into some debts. After spending half of the day (that you may seem nearer to only ten minutes) she knows for certain this true job thing isn’t for her and she scarcely needs to bother about that while she has he rside. You have the idea? Go and explore the places all around teh city and discover a method to earn some money so Slutty McSlut could deal with her debts… or else she’ll deal with you! Play now »