Rukia blowjob

“Kuchiki Rukia sucks!” Will say anyone who has played this game and he will have fairly a fantastic reason for all these words all that Kuchiki Rukia will do in this game would be to give blowage. And Kuchiki Rukia is among the main characters in the world renowned anime”Bleach” in case you did not know. Just like a true pro Kuchiki Rukia will budge for her main purpose step by step – very first she will munch on the tip, then she’ll work harder with her tongue and just then she will shoot Ichigo’s big hard (and already wet) pipe right into her mouth. Just click on the control button to see how she’ll suck him faster and swifter (and even faster!) . Sooner or later you will get acces to the orgasm activation button which will let you to love the messy cum-shot scene. After that you can replay the game or try it in guide mode instead of automobile mode. Play now »