Highschool of the Dead Fuckers

Unlike many different games regarding zombies where you’re playing with as brave hero that defeats the undead creatures by hundreds and rescue the hot gal in the end here you’ll be enjoying as those zombies instead… yet your primary aim will be pretty much exactly the same – you need to get the buxom woman! Ofcourse anime admirers among you will recognize Saeko Busujima – a few of the chief characters of quiet in demand aniem collection”Highschool of the Dead” – and even if you are one of them then you know that her curves really are worth of venturing your mitts because this is exactly what you will do in this game – try to evade the rotating chainsaw and rip off Saeko Busujima’s clothing chunk by lump and in case you will figure out how to triumph there’ll be a big gang-bang soiree with Saeko Busujima as main guest! Play now »

Crossing cup lesbian edition

Thimble game has ever been joy. This type of the movie game has been aimed in the direction of lesbos. So on the game screen you see a couple juicy lesbos. One of them invites one to embark the game. The principles are very simple. You need to witness out for the gold coin. When the game begins, among the thimbles will cover the coin. Then the thimbles will commence rotation. Look out for your thimble below which the gold coin is situated. If you guess right, then you are going to make game points. And additionally you will observe a depraved film with sugary-sweet lezzies. With each level, the napers will rotate faster and swifter. But the major trophy is worth your attention. Therefore let’s not waste time, but let’s start the game at the moment. Play now »