Motoko vs Batou Anal Sex

Today you’ll get the exact rare chance to witness what precisely is occurring throughout the training sessions between Motoko Kusanagi and Batou which you should know as the main characters of rather in demand anime series”Ghost in the Shell”. As you know Motoko is really a cyborg so slightly she needs some corporal training to keep her figure in a fantastic form so she’s clearly doing it around for the fun… and what can be more fun and at precisely the same time physical than using a gonzo hump with all the fattest dude she understands? And do not hope this couple to have any foreplay for as long because anal invasion orgy is the principal goal during every one of these private trainings! And you will probably need to play through this game at least twice as ultimately you will need to make a decision in which to jizm – inwards or outside. Play now »

Ghost in the Sex – Motoko Threesome

If you thought that Motoko Kusanagi is good not only for action scenes but also for hentai parodies then Pinoytoons studio is totally agree with you. Even more – they are going to demonstrate you her very private training plan with a duo of her co-workers. There won’t be some gameplay thsi time so all you have to do would be to sit back and love! While nobody has come here 18, motoko Kusanagi was intending to have her time at the gym. But pretty soon one of her firends arrived and their sparring has turned into banging. They did not noticed that someone has arrived, Even though fucking each other at place and now it’s going to be a threesome! Whic signifies that devotees of”Ghost in the Shell” will have a opportunity to witness all of Motoko Kusanagi’s fuckholes in action! Play now »