Pussymon: Episode 23

Are you ready take the 23rd step to this enormous and exicting world of hot pussymons? Then you’re ready for”A New Quest” because this is the way this fresh epsiode is titled as and here you will be on your path to the Fluffy Custly attempting to stay incongnito for as long as possible because of this new mission is somehow connected with a more crucial to solving the mystery of damaging Hydragodon – the most devastating of all pussymons which many still consider to be no more than a legend! However you and your buddies have alreday noticed a lot of stuff in this world to know that pussymons can be very powerful… there’s no point in tellying you more of the story since it’s one of the main features of this lengthy game series together with many new surprises and articles which is being added with ecah fresh vignette. Play now »