Dildo Fishing

Quite funny (and ofcoruse alluring) look at such activity as fishing. The idea of it is based on our primary hero isn’t really thinking about catching fish so he is going to use dildo to pull and catch sexy female sailors! This is a arcade game and not indeed tough to play (at least in early stages) since everything you will need to do would be to budge your mouse control up and down till you catch some diver nymph on your own fuck stick. After female is in your boat you’ll be playing with other minigame – that time it’s a clicker game – to fuck this sweetie. The chief aim is to fuck required number of women prior to the time will execute but as you will progress thru the game fresh demands and side requirements will be added with every new game level. Ofcourse differnt gal will prefe rto get fucked in different positions so if the timing is permitting one can attempt to grab your favorites. Play now »