Kasumi asleep – Interactive boobs

In this game you’ll find the infrequent opportunity to perform Kasumi’s orbs! You remebe rher, correct? The amazing ninja princess out of world famous battling viedogame show”Dead or Alive” – that is her! But how it is even possible that she will let you to touch her assets ? The response is ordinary – she seems so tired after martial arts training that she has fallen asleep! Which means tha she won’t be able to punch your caboose for grabbing her big tits… unless you’ll wake up her ofcourse. So try to be more careful while having fun along with her fun bags and nips and then pay attention to this red indicator on the ideal side of game screen (not allow it reach emaximum point obviousle). This game version is in japanese but slightly it will stop you from using joy with Kasumi in case you don’t know the language. Play now »

Christie DOA Undress game

You’re extremely knowledgeable about the posh splendor of Christie from Dead or Alive. You recall the gesticulating curves of her body. And you also need to play with her. Undress it downright, to find out what clothes hide. Absolutely naked beautiful figure Christie from Dead or Alive. Or on the contrary, as it is to sundress her clothes which you like. Everything depends on your imagination in this game. Turn your attention to the ideal side of this screen in the game. There is a manage panel with which you can change the clothing Christie from Dead or Alive. Just for your choice – either dressed or semi nude or totally nude. Play now »