The Twilight Saga? We’ve got something finer for you – The Pussylight Saga! Ofcourse it is created as hentai parody over the twilight saga but there aren’t a lot of common things you couldn’t despise this agme kind the embark… The idea of the game is next – you play with as guy whose fresh grilfriend claims to be a vampire. The first date she’s likely to have in the cemetary in the total moon night! Are you going to ensue ? Are you ready to understand the whole truth? Will you be able to confront consequnces? And also the most improtant – would sh elet one to fuck her? To response all these questions you will have to play with this game by yourself! Gameplay combines gameplay elements form distinct genres from quests to dating simulators but there shouldn’t be any issues with walkthrough in the event that attention will be enough paid by you. Play now »