Carrot Cafe Demo (0713 update)

In this game you will get the opportunity to see famous”Carrot Cafe” that is well-known as maid cafe. This waitressses and other personel aren’t just merely females but additionally wear sexy looking and fairly unsheathing garbs which may easily to make you leave behind what you have come to the cafe at the first-ever place… which functions flawlessly for a hentai themed game ofcourse! You will be enjoying as Satoshi and also this interactive venture is the chance to change the problem of exploiting sweet nymphs sexuality or… or you may dive right into it entirely and enjoy all of the yummy things the inward universe of maid-cafe has to offer! The problem you migth get in this game is that this is just demo version yet for the time you are playing it we might have the full version of the game on our website already. Play now »