Business Trip Adventure 2

2 part of an interesting fuckfest game about the adventures of a local dude. Let’s figure out his story at this time. Dude arrives at the office where his assistant is awaiting. She tells him the bad news – his boss is waiting for a fellow in his office to find out the reason for being late for the job. Dude comes in the office of the manager and sees an evil, but attractive chick. She is outraged that the dude was late for work. You must get an explanation for this act. After a couple of minutes, the manager gets calmer. She definitely has some kind of stress. Dude commences to worship and invites the boss to visit the cafe. After a duo of hours, they meet during dinner. So the principal mission of the game is to have hump with your manager. For this you’ll have to use game things and your own charm. And after that there will be wild and beautiful orgy. Play now »