BJ Country

Welcome to the smallish city where live sexy milfs who’s ready and willing to give oral jobs daily! And you’ll be playing as dude that will attempt to get them all! You will start on a town map and you can travel in any direction you need – just use arrow keys to budge across. Get to the front fdoor of this almost any house and press the space pub or click mouse to inject. There you will meet hot housewife who loves to matters… and they called BJ! Which signifies suck job and black jack! Play with them and once you win you will be rewarded! Attempt to visit and play with as amnay lovelies as you can – there’ll be 17 of them ! Each will supply you with hot scene – genuine erotic models in actual flick clips! And in the event you’ll be fortunate enough to acquire them you may even to meet the BJ Queen! Play now »