Biocock Intimate

You’ve got it right – the title of this game”Biocock Intimate” is saying playing world famous videogame title”Bioshock Infinite”. So if you while enjoying with the first game you always wished to put aside your firearms and give Elizabeth a good fucking then you was playing the wrong game and now you have finally found the right one! Interesting enough is that this game is also made from first-ever person standpoint – so it is your pecker that Elizabeth is going to delight in several different ways – she will taunt it, so she will stroke it, and she will suck it, she’ll right on it and so on! Overall you can expect 20 (! )) Scenes and you can change them very easily – simply use A button for moving forward and R button to take a step (or even a spectacle) back. This hottie finally captured the game deserves! Play now »