Dick or treat

In this fun and slightly frightening sex game, you will discover a story that occurred during Halloween. It is customary to commit a number of horrendous crimes and to scare the neighbors around Halloween. Also, you can purchase candy. The main character in the game is Frankenstein the monster who decided to scare the local witch, who’s name is Wendy.He visits her home and shines a pumpkin lamp. Wendy makes discoveries. She is a cute, sexy little girl. Frankenstein is furious at her for refusing to give him candy. Frankenstein gets out and grabs Wendy’s underwear off. Then he undresses himself. Wow. Frankenstein has a big big cock. He gets started fucking Wendy in her tight, sexy and round stomach. Wendy is screaming in painand is ready to give Frankenstein candy, but candy time is over. It’s time for some rough sex. Play now »