Nanny’s Day 2: Confrontation

In this sport you will realize the story about marriage and will know that it is a happy day for one it could be not so glad for some time! Nanny’s wedding is close enough to create Theresa going crazy about it – in a poor way. She makes an effort to ruin this wedding and requires compromising pictures with Nanny and a few rubdown dude! But do not get stress too much – this is anime porn game and not a soap opera drama after all – everything will be fine in the end and you’ll see quite some sexy and kinky scenarios as the story goes. The match is produced out of fine 3D versions so not merely the story is great – it seems pretty nice as well! The controls may seem tricky at first-ever so you finer read”how to play” very first-ever. However, in case in case you have stuck and don’t understand what to do next, just type teh word”bride” and you’ll find a hint. Play now »