King of Porn City: June 2014 update

A former pornography celebrity came to a small city to perform the porno business. To do this, he needs to do a couple of things. Find a room for filming a pornography movie, build a group and find gals to utilize. In the initial stage of the game, you have little cash and you have to do everything . Meet with a whore from a local bar and invite her into a warehouse. It’s possible to create a few pornography vids. Fuck a lady inside her moist fuck-holes and allow her to provide a royal fellatio. Use the possibilities of catomization to generate a big-chested bimbo out of a nymph. Then promote the film and make a profit. Act in such ways to splay your biz. You must act as the King of Porn City to build up recognition from other directors. So let us commence the game and do it. Play now »