Temari sex straddle

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This not very long intercative parody will show you blonde ninja gal Temari who isn’t going to prevent her fight against Shikamaru however here it will be revealed not in the way you may reminisce from the official”Naruto” anime or manga show as this is a manga porn parody which means that Temari will be attempting to overpower Shikamaru by fucking him lengthy and tough enough to drain all his powers! Or may be she just wished to ride on someone’s manmeat and there have been no one around except for Shikamaru – that’s quite possible version as well. Anyways this game is focused on Temari’s orgy picture which you will enjoy from first-ever person viewpoint (from Shikamaru point of view, not Temari’s… which might sound unhappy enough for a few of admirers around) in two modes – manual and automatic.

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