Sakura pornstar

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It’s time for dirty PR – and this really can be Sakura’s turn for in the middle of leaked intercourse gauze scandal! But there is one problem – her house flick hump tape is yet to be made so that she could use your help. Are you ready to support the camera and take her while she is going to be getting fucked by Itachi? Great! Control them to begin to fuck and then commence your camera (by pressing on space button). Try to grab the many jummy minutes and angles of the gonzo ninja act! Just don’t forget to recharge the batteries or you will understand a game over screen instead of pop-shot culmination! The game is brief and simple and you do not have to be Sakura’s worshipper to enjoy it – all you will need to like is manga porn games. And much more games you can see at the developer’s site (you’ll get links for it at the end)

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