Meet’N’Fuck: Secret Agent

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You like spy and spy games. This game gives you the chance to become the Pentagon’s representative. So, your primary day has come. You’ve arrived at the workplace to receive a briefing on a new and dangerous mission. So, the professor of chemical physics has been contested. According to intelligence, he was developing a new type of chemical weapon that could wreck a lot of folks. A group of terrorists known as the Red Sunrise abducted him. You know that elements of this device are in Eastern Europe. You must go in search. So, first you have to meet with a broker in Eastern Europe. Select the state where you’re currently going. It is going to be Russia. Natasha will be waiting for you . To receive important graces from her, you must satiate her. To do this, drink vodka, and then fuck Natasha in her pink cootchie. Following that, visit Prague where the buxomy brunette Gretel is awaiting you. . Fuck with her to gain even more info. Do it at this time.

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