USA Quiz with Blanca

Blanca is obciousle hot yankee blonde... or else she's quite inetrested in american geography. And if you are sharing her interests and ready to pass her evaluation then she'll show you her sexy bod as prize... The test relies on quiz system. You will get a query (which is going to be the title of a country) and four choices for an answer with only one of them is correct (and all these options likely to be cities). The aim is to guess that state has which town as its capital. Just rigth answers will be counted and also in case you will figure out how to give 16 reaction befor eteh period limit of 60 seconds will run out then you will not only get access to every one of Blanca's striptease photographs (one photograph in the set for each right reaction ) but you will see a unique bonus videoclip. Excellent luck!

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