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The Sex Pit 2.2

"The Sex Pit" is not just the name of this game but in addition the title of this location that you're suppsoed to conduct... yep, we are talking about the brothel here! Starting from the cheapet crevasse you'll have to attract this tempo to wealth making it longer and more appealing for many fans of lovemaking by all of the corners of this town! In order to do that you will have to work with lots of gals and try to develope them in all the possibel manners in order that they could please any customer that can decide to see"The Sex Pit". Do this and the profit you will receive will permit you to update the place or to create your chicks even more proficient and hot - this decision is all up to you as well. Some narrative will be occurring in the background if using a pile of whores under your control isn't enough.

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