sex in car

High Speed Fuck

High Sped Car is prooving once again - sexy huge-chested blondes always gets horny if guy has fancy or very rapid truck. So our hero gives a blond like this type of rail and fairly shortly she has so kinky that really wants to fuck with him directly in the van! No chance to fight back - she is already flashing her big boobs. In no time she pulls up her mini-skirt and she is getting on top of the dude's shift gear stick. The gameplay in this game is effortless - all you want to do is control the playback of the flick sequences. You can even swift forward the movie or return to the moments that you liked the most if you want to. This blonde understands her job - pretty soon our hero will shoot all his grease all around the damsel and the salon! The morale of this story? Well, they very likely have to have parked somewhere else...

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