rhytm based game

Sakuras Beat

In this flash game you will see a noisy Naruto Uzumaki and teenage ninja that would like to achieve universal acceptance and eventually become Hokage - the mind of also the ninja and his village - will fuck a beautiful and buxom dame. Her name is Sakura. Sakura includes large green eyes, soft pink hair and fair skin. Sakura - kunoichi from Hidden Leaf. Becoming part of Team 7, Sakura realizes her unpreparedness for shinobi's harsh existence. Pay attention to this panel at the bottom of the game screen. Tam is a square. So p arrows will soon appear on the panel. You have to click on the arrow when it passes thru thesquare. Press the arrow to the keyboard, if that is an arrow. Subsequently Naruto will fuck Sakura again and again, and you are able to see it.

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