Divine Maze 3

A game that will appeal to those who like to control movements and work with their heads. And also to people who love anime art and anime porn femmes. So let's look at the monitor. The rules of the flash game are extremely elementary - you need to use the mouse to control the pixel on the game display. At each level of the game there will be a labyrinth - your main mission is to budge the pixel from the begin point to the end stage. Attention. You must not get to the walls of the maze. Thus eliminate the shivering forearms on. If you touch the walls of the labyrinth, the game may end. If you have successfully finished the task assigned to you and drew a pixel from start to finish, you will receive a prize. This is going to be an arcade picture sans censorship, on which a beautiful and fleshy damsel will emerge in a tempting pose. The more levels you pass - that the pictures you can see. Are you prepared to get this done? Then let's begin playing.

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