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Dream Job Season 2: Episode 5

This is the fifth episode of the series "Dream Job", in which the adventures of our protagonist continue. In this porn game you are the hotel manager and your boss went on vacation. In the previous episode with a little help from the fairies, you finally managed to get this coveted work, and today is your first day. You can not screw up, because, during the absence of your boss, you and your assistant Sam are the only ones who run the hotel, and your fairy unexpectedly left with your boss. And then there's Madam Logan, a journalist from a well-known magazine who suddenly came and is about to write an article about your hotel! You will have to try not to mess up the reputation of the hotel and cope with all the difficulties! This is a first-person game where you need to choose the right answers in dialogs, and also click on the active points on the screen to start the video. The videos here serve as cutscenes and tell a story. It's up to you whether the main character will be able to cope with his first assignment, so be careful!

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