Lara Croft

Tomb Raider Punishment

It's time to penalize Lara Croft to get raiding so many tombs - and this sport is dedicated to this completely! You may see Lara being captured and naked which means you can do anything you want with her. Utilize a provided contraptions - forearm, beat or penis - to do the righteous job! Click on icon to activate it and aim it on different regions of Lara's stunning assets. Then press and hold mouse button to perform a sexual action - catch her funbags, paw themandsqueeze them or whip them. Play not only with her orbs but with her wrists, legs, stomach and of course her fuckholes - mouth, vag and butthole! Just do not forget to change contraptions from time to time. But everything you may do is a prepartions to the actual punishment - just pack the meter over to see what wil happen!

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