Gray Fullbuster

Erza x Grey – Cowgirl fuck

Once again Erza is having fun with her lover Gray... and once more you're allowed to view it! No thing are you a fan of "Fairy Tail" or perhaps not watching hot redhead fucks is obviously hot! Erza jumps on Grey large cocks (looks like she is always hard for her) and Gray catches her enormous boobs - so the fucking night begins! There'll be no gameplay whatsoever - just beautifully animated hentai scenes withcamera showing one of that the juiciest moments! Erza's buttocks are so big that Gray can not even hold them on his hand when they bounce. And Grey's cock is so huge that it makes Erza to cum every time she moves her pussy down ont it- you can certainly say at because of her moist pussy! Colorful sex scene depicting your favourite personalities in a night time experience of another kind than you've observed in anime or read in manga!

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