Booty Call Ep. 19 mardi gras – part 1

The telephone is being heard by our dude Jake and this will be actually the Call of Booty! However, where such fan of female figure kinks can find what he is looking for? Gras festivale! Join him in this fun trip and help him to make the decent decisions that will help him to get laid with hot chick tonight! It might not be an easy task to find the right lady in the drinking, shouting, dancing, singing and ofcourse boobie-flashing audience but as we all know the challenge just gets the reward more candy so get ready to dive into this terrific festivale world and don't be afraid to make mistakes - like the actual life in this game it is possible to always to replay it if you're not totally happy with the results you got! And do not forget to look at our site to get part two!!

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