Nanny’s Day: Revelation

The story about Wendy and her really reach yet very horny family resumes. If you really wish to learn who's that in this game then you probably should not have missed all of the preceding vignettes (or you can search for afterward right now out on site if you want). Anyway, this story is largely concentrated on baby sitter. Why? Because Nanny is getting married to the Baron of Clearwood - which is why! But seems like Wendy and her very kinky girlfriend Cloe have their own plans on this event - they are planning to test Nanny's future husband. However, to do this they might need to find the best way to seduce him first-ever... Check out"How to play" tutorial not to have stuck in the midst of a game but if you'll have been stuck at a certain stage then just enter the term"bride" - it will provide you a clue about what to do next!

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Nanny’s Day 2: Confrontation

Not everyone is very happy for Nanny's wedding day. In this episode Theresa attempts to make some photos that are compromising with Nanny and some massage man. As Wendy includes a revival program, but thankfully everything would be OK. Whenever you don't understand what to do, simply kind "bride" and you'll see a hint.

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